Magna has been the most sought after destination for VoIP services by most of the top notch BPOs, Call Centers, Software companies, Corporates & Individuals in India mainly for specializing in Unconditionally Unlimited Calling to various destinations with PSTN quality calling.

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Magna forayed into the market when most organisations were sceptical about the use of VoIP as a cost effective option, which could invariably jeopardize their business keeping quality in mind. Magna helped to allay all their fears by using our expertise in VoIP & providing the right inputs in terms of infrastructure required and also personalized service to all our customers.

Magna has won many a customer by challenging them with quality & price and it is this attitude that has set us apart from the others. The moment our customers started using Magna there was no turning back since they benefitted by saving huge costs on communication without having to compromise a wee bit on quality.

Magna has specialized in helping organisations with customized solutions that suit their business for example: Optimization through EPABX, IPPBX & Predictive Dialers.

Important Features
The major VoIP providers that offer the best service almost always have the following basic features:
  • • Enhanced 911 dialing for emergency calls.
  • • Call return by using *69.
  • • The ability to make a block call list.
  • • The ability to forward calls to other numbers.
  • • Call waiting.
  • • Detailed caller identification.
  • • Free calls (which do not use up minutes) to other users that have the same service provider.
  • • The ability to keep your existing phone number.
  • • Long distance calling.
  • • Easy to use online account management.
  • • Voicemail options.
Most importantly, start up call centers have benefitted hugely in terms of set up costs since Magna provides end to end solutions and helps them to establish a single point of contact for all their calling needs.