Rent & Buy Computer

Magna’s high-tech selection makes it easy to find the best rent-to-own laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and more

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Rent / Buy Computer

Magna will help you pick the right rent-to-own desktop computer, laptop, or tablet that will fit perfectly with your lifestyle. Magna represents some of the better computer brands on the planet, giving you plenty of options.

When you Rent & Keep it or Rent & Upgrade it a computer from Magna, you'll also receive 4 hours of on-site support, and you can upgrade to a new model after just one year with our Rent & Upgrade option or Rent & Keep it at the end of term with no further payments. There are many benefits to renting, especially when it comes to renting Laptops, Desktops, and Tablet PCs! Don't be slowed down by old technology, if you Rent & Upgrade it you'll always have a current and reliable computer.

Our Demand A Better Way support means that Dr PC is on-call to assist should you need any help with your new computer you have just started renting, they will come out to your home and help with everything from fully networking your home to simply putting some songs on your iPod or iPad. if its not convenient for DR PC to come to you they can also log into your PC via remote connection once given authorization and fix any issues you may have with your Laptop or Desktop.

Call us today on +91-9833664141 for more details about how to make computer rental work for you. Everything you need in Technology and Computing is available for you to rent or buy at Magna.

Rent computer brands including Acer, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Sony and more. Great prices and rates on renting desktop computers, laptops and notebooks, Microsoft Surface, gaming consoles, GPS navigation, printers, software and accessories including ink cartridges, mice, webcams, keyboards, laptop bags, routers and more.

Leasing Computers advantages

Leasing a computer is another option, but make sure you understand the contract and who is responsible for repairs and what happens when things go wrong.

There are tax benefits for businesses who lease equipment but the support offered for leasing a computer varies from vendor to vendor. Some vendors not only supply the finance and the equipment but look after you if your equipment fails by providing a replacement. While other rental companies are just finance companies that use computer rentals as a means of making money; they don't really care to have you back in business if your equipment fails.

Computer leasing is good on the cash flow, as you pay by the month and have the option to buy once the lease is finished. However, leasing a computer often works out considerably more expensive than buying the equipment outright. For businesses that can deduct the total cost of rental, as opposed to depreciating the equipment, rentals can be a favourable alternative. To find a rental company that will provide a replacement when your equipment fails, is an added bonus because you are guaranteed to have working equipment, for every day of your rental period and don't have to wait days or weeks to be back in business. You will need to read the terms and conditions of any rental agreement carefully.