Our recruitment process is designed to select candidates of good appearance, attitude and interest, who demonstrate a professional approach to their potential employment

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Magna provides a comprehensive repository of assessment tools and unique methodologies that will ensure you hire the best candidate. Our assessment tools quantify both job eligibility of a candidate in terms of his skills, experience and education and his overall match within the organization.

Our online repository of tools is highly flexible and can be customized according to the skills and requirements of the job profile. By following our comprehensive report, your organization will be able to assess any prospective candidate in a robust and a comprehensive manner.

The platform can also be integrated with other third party assessment tools to give you comprehensive view of the prospective candidate.

Besides using a scientific recruitment methodology, we also have a large repository of skill based assessments to test the current skills set of a prospective employee and also your current employees.

magna's team of recruiters have built an expertise to help you:
  • • Source candidates from job boards, networking sites like Linkedin, Google groups and internal resume management systems
  • • Identify candidates for interviews
  • • Response handling
  • • Get Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete signed before interview
  • • Negotiate Rates, Employment contracts, Benefits, Taxes, etc.
  • • Submission of qualified resumes
  • • Sign contract for services
  • • Passive candidate research
  • • Candidate database maintenance
  • • Skills testing

Is your organization looking at extending your team to help you with resume sourcing or provide you with staffing support? Let our recruitment process outsourcing team at Magna help your recruiters get the right candidate for the job at a fraction of your cost. Call +91-9833664141 or Contact us now to know more on our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services.