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Offshore Bank Account Setup Assist., Online Banking, Debit/Credit Card US, UK, Canada, Switzerland Intro & Processing Fee Only $700

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Offshore Merchant Accounts

Internet Merchant Accounts facilitate credit card transactions over the internet. If you operate an online business and do e-commerce, we have the perfect solutions for you to obtain privacy, and avoid all of the burdensome rules and regulations surrounding online e-commerce in your domestic country.

We are now offering Online Merchant Accounts for those clients purchasing a Magna Corporation with a Magna Bank Account.

Create a Magna Corporation through us whereby:

Establishing a Tax free Offshore Internet e-commerce business involves four simple steps:

  • 1. Incorporate a tax free Magna corporation through our special offer. Our fee for set up a corporation is US$1,300 which includes all government taxes & fees.

  • 2. Establish a Magna bank account where the proceeds of your online credit card transactions can be deposited into. Our fee for Bank Account Introduction services is $700.

  • 3. Start your corporation’s Website offering whatever products or services you wish.

  • 4. Establish an online internet merchant account through our correspondent banks and merchant processors where we act as the middle man/intermediary putting you in touch with a merchant account broker who will take your application and allocate your merchant account through an international bank willing to accept your application.

Internet Merchant Account Processors:

Merchant account processing services are provided by a bank, merchant processor or a third party processor to the merchant. Services include authorization of credit cards, settlement of funds through the bankcard associations (MasterCard & Visa, etc.), depositing of funds into checking accounts, merchant billing, and account activity reporting.

We currently deal with several banks and merchant account processors. The one we recommend for you will depend on your particular business model. Please note that most merchant providers do not accept certain types of high risk businesses, such as pornography, gun sales, online gambling, or sales of addictive substances. However, we have relationships with several merchant processors, so if one particular processor does not accept your business model, then we have others who may (although the set up and processing costs may be slightly higher for high risk credit card processing).

Cards & Currencies:

Our Merchant Processors can process MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, and many others.

The Merchant Processors that we maintain good relationship with can settle funds due to merchants’ bank accounts in EUR or US Dollars to any bank worldwide.


The merchant processing service functions under the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) system which codifies the information and this security system is one of the most advanced in the market today. It consists of one secure connection between the merchant and the processor, which guarantees that the information is never lost or reproduced to other parties.

For additional security the Merchant Processor requires that you obtain a digital commercial security certificate for your website forms.

Requirements for Set Up of Merchant Account:

a. Corporate Bank Account:
This is where the proceeds from the merchant account transactions will be deposited.

b. Financial References:
At least 1 financial reference letter (original, dated within 3 months) is required to open the account.

c. Professional References:
At least 1 professional reference letter (original, dated within 3 months) is required to open the account.

d. Letter Describing Your Business:
A letter should be provided with the following information:

  •       1. Summary of your business activities.
  •       2. Description of products and/or services sold online.

  •       3. Jurisdictions your company currently doing business in.
  •       4. Year your company was incorporated.

  •       5. Previous or expected business volume (annual revenues, sales, etc.).
  •       6. Estimated charge-back percentage.

  •       7. Website URL that will be used for selling your product or service.
  •       8. Jurisdiction where site is hosted.

  •       9. Photocopy of passport for all company directors, officers, and legal representatives or signatories of the account.

For further information about Merchant Accounts and our Fees, please contact us.